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Valobasha Zindabad (VZ) was your aboriginal release

First time I saw myself on the big awning I was gob smacked for words; I cannot accurate how I acquainted at that actual moment. It was above my wildest dream; I never anticipation that I would end up acceptable an actress. What was additionally hasty was the acknowledgment from the audience; anybody absolutely accepted the cine and had admirable things to say. The acceptance and the affectionate words from the admirers fabricated me happier; I would like to acknowledge Debashish Da for all of it.

Your allure with Arifin Shuvoo

Shuvoo bhai and I both started from modeling, we had immense fun and enjoyed anniversary other’s aggregation off screen. He would aggravate me and rag me throughout the accomplished shoot; he fabricated the accomplished cutting action actual accessible and fun. I anticipate that transpired on-screen.Tell us about your accessible projects
“Sei tumi” is a cine produced by Gaziur Rahman; it’s a cine based about the 60-70s time period, the ambience of the blur is on the rural regions of Bangladesh and I comedy a apple girl. The cine has already been completed and we are activity through the column assembly works.

The added activity is “Cheleti Abol Tabol Meyeti Pagol Pagol” directed by Saif Chandan, it’s a avant-garde day cine set on today’s time anatomy with today’s issues.
Kayes Arju is the advance co-actor on both of these films.

Beyond that I accept annihilation on cardboard but I am activity through a calligraphy at the moment and if aggregate works out I will accept active addition blur by the end of this month. As I haven’t active it yet I am not at alternative to acknowledge any added advice apropos this.

How do you demand to be perceive

I demand my audiences to see me in a new characters anniversary time, I don’t demand to echo my characters or do accepted roles. I demand to accumulate my roles beginning and exciting. I demand to abide in the audience’s anamnesis as a character; I demand them to recognise me from this cine as addition abroad and the added cine as addition absolutely different.

How is acting altered from modeling
Modeling is a absolutely altered average from acting. In clay I had to be acquainted of my announcement and my aspect only, now I accept to apply on my accomplished movement. I accept to bethink dialogues; I accept to bear expressions apropos with the scenes, my facial expressions are added important than before. I accept to brawl and accomplish intricate motions. I am added active about myself and became actual acquainted of my surrounding. In my clay career I mostly formed on access or photo affair so the best I bare to be anxious with was my facial announcement was if I looked acceptable or not. Now it’s a new brawl game.

I struggled with camera angles but the aggregation was actual accessible and they would advice me out whenever I got tangled.

Arifin Shuvoo is a acceptable dancer, was it adamantine dancing with him
Well… I wouldn’t put it in those exact words. I accept apparent a lot of movies with brawl arrangement so I was acquainted of the credo abaft the sequence; the expressions appropriate to cull of such intricate maneuver. Shuvoo bhai is such an amazing dancer; it’s activity to be boxy for anyone to bout his rhythm. He would about acquaint me that if it wasn’t for him I would accept been an accept dancer, that with anyone abroad I wouldn’t accept these issues. Yet, in the end somehow we managed to cull it off, all the acclaim goes to our brawl administrator Habib bhai for authoritative me able to accomplish such admirable brawl sequence.

Fans acknowledgment about the movie
I went to abounding cinema halls, sat bottomward with audiences and saw the film. It was a accomplished new acquaintance for me to see myself on the big screen, about the admirers admired my work, they told me I looked lively, they were absorbed to apprehend about my accessible projects and acclimate I had ahead done any work. They were able to anon acquaint with us, it acquainted abundant to accept been accepted so abundant by the audience. I was a little afraid to accompany the industry as I already had a abiding clay career, we see so abounding artists advancing over, accomplishing a blur but afterwards switching aback to area they came from. I too was afraid about it happing to me and it was a accident I took to become an amateur but hopefully it looks like it paid off.Any abrogating comments from the audience

Certainly, bodies told me that I could act in a altered address and my dancing needs improvements. I consistently attending advanced for the abrogating feedbacks, these are your absolute well-wisher, they demand your best appropriately they criticise you. I acknowledge their comments over others, they accord me allowance to advance and I oblige.

VZ is accounted to accept been a archetype of a Tamil cine alleged Bani
The adventure of the cine is not beneath my control, the biographer of the cine Abdulla Johir Babu is ultimately amenable for it. My assignment as an amateur is to bear a acceptable role and portray the appearance to my best abilities. I chase the instructions of the administrator and act appropriately to his wishes.

As this is my aboriginal cine I don’t demand to get into a agitation over the matter, aloft my signing I wasn’t acquainted of the fact, it was alone afterwards the absolution that I came to apperceive about the truth. Bodies told me that the catastrophe of the cine is agnate to addition movie.

I cannot absolutely animadversion on the accommodation or the affidavit abaft the makers of VZ for selecting to remake/copy the cine Bani, you would accept to ask them.
But I wasn’t acquainted of the actuality afore the absolution of the movie.

So you will be added accurate from now on
What I demand to say is that I apply added on the character, the adventure and the aggregation abaft the production. I accept not apparent all the movies out there, so I can’t ensure that the calligraphy will not be agnate to addition movie, that’s absurd to do. But I accept abstruse my assignment and I will be added accurate and accurate from now on. What affairs to me the best is the team; sometimes they are so absurd that the adventure may not authority such a aerial priority. If a cine is presented in an honest address and fabricated with adherence I feel there is annihilation amiss in it. The Bangla cinema industry is so baby and it’s such a difficult industry to survive financially.

The seniors afore me accept formed adamantine to body it to area it is now. I had no clue of the accident basic aural this industry; I now apprehend the astronomic accomplishment and adamantine assignment put in by anybody affiliated in bearing a movie. To accumulate our industry activity (survive) we accept to abutment it with constant dedication, alike if a cine is affected or annihilation abroad for that matter; if it’s fabricated in a appropriate address and the assembly abode accept abundantly answer and produced the cine again anybody should absolutely acknowledge this actuality over the abrogating aspects. It’s absurd to anticipate that above all the setbacks we are absolutely bearing article good.

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